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Thursday, 20 July 2017
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Global Warming

Global Warming one of the most talked about issues in the whole world. Some people say it is more serious than war or any other thing. This is because many scientists say that the world will die unless something is done. Then there are other people who say Global warming is fake.  

Global Warming is rising temperatures on Earth’s surface.  Everything you buy or do, someone must have polluted in order to make it. The Greenhouse effect is one of the major causes of Global Warming. Greenhouse gases naturally cover the Earth and keep it about 33 degrees Celsius warmer than it would be without those gases in the atmosphere. Greenhouse effect is heating of the Earth due to pressure of greenhouse gases. The gases that make up this are: Fluorocarbons 5%, methane 13%, Nitrous Oxide 6%, and Carbon Dioxide 76%.  

It is said Global Warming will effect our economy. After finding information on this huge topic I have found that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere causes growth of plants to increase in a major fashion. This does cause plants like corn and beans to grow very big causing farmers to have a abnormal growing season. This will still cause the need for more food all around the world. The rising of cost production due to this food will result in prices rising. This growing of plants could also cause productivity losses. This is because insects have more to feed on, servere drought, and scarcity for water could happen due to all these plants.

Pollution is most likely to cause climate changes all over the world .  World’s agriculture could face a serious decline within this century due to Global Warming. Temperatures that are already near or above crop levels will cause them to die. It is estimated that an average of 10-25 percent decline in agricultural productivity by the 2080’s. Countries farther away from the equator could face more losses than countries closer to the equator due to temperatures at the equator are already warmer and when they decrease it will not be as much as for countries farther away from the equator.  This would not cause people to move but to buy more products due to the weather there.    

Reducing our pollution to eliminate Global Warming does not have to hurt the world’s economy. We are certainly in for a serious long-term problem that will affect all of us unless something is done soon. Countries around the world should start now to develop new, clean, energy-efficient machines.

Places where Global Warming is most likely to hit hard is everywhere all around the world.  $14-$23 billion a year will only pay for the little damages that are going to occur due to Global Warming. By 2100 it is said that temperatures increases of between 1.5 and 4 deg. Celsius.  Critics say that fighting Global Warming will cripple the economy and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs.  These statements are not true. Cutting pollution can and will save money, it is far wiser to act on this incoming problem. As you have seen Global Warming will not just affect the United States but the whole world. Our economy will have great set backs unless something is done soon. I cannot tell you how fast we must act before it is to late. We one have one chance to live let's make it the best we can for everyone. I hope now people will think the next time they use something and ask themselves if this is environmentally safe. Our Earth is dying all around us it is time we as human beings wake up and make this serious problem go away!

By Jordan Thilk


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