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Thursday, 20 July 2017
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Global Warming
What is it doing to our planet and the human race? 


             Global Warming is a very huge topic because it is doing so much to our planet and our society. What is Global Warming you might ask? It is a bundle of carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide, methane and other pollution that is being exported into our air (such as in the form of pollution from factories), like a strong layer of pollution that traps the sun's heat and causes the earth to become a lot warmer. Greenhouse gases are chemical compounds that are in earth's atmosphere. They let elements come into the atmosphere quickly and freely. Greenhouse gases take in infrared radiation and absorb the heat into the atmosphere. More greenhouse gases are coming into the atmosphere because of human activity. Carbon dioxide is the largest greenhouse gas; it is 60% of the greenhouse gas that is leading to global warming. About 95% of carbon is made from burning fossil fuels, which is produced from factories and transportation vehicles. We, as humans, are one of the major causes of global warming .

         The facts have shown that the temperature has risen one degree. That might not seem like a lot, but it really is. Even one degree difference can make a big impact on our environment and our health and society. What could one degree do to us and society. Global Warming is hurting many plants, animals, and even humans. It is affecting humans because as more and more fossil fuels are burned, there is a higher is a higher risk of pollution-induced asthma and other sicknesses. Pollution can hurt our health, it can cause other sicknesses. Also, the climate change makes it so much easier to have ticks and mosquitoes reproduce. They produce more because extreme weather can contaminate water and helps bugs reproduce which can cause bacterial diseases. Therefore, they spread around sicknesses to humans. Malaria kills over two million people each year, especially in warmer countries and that number will begin to rise as global warming takes its place over the years. It will affect the normal balance of animal predators like snakes and different types of birds that keep those insects and other rodents in their proper balance. Global Warming can also lead to conditions that will increase really bad nutrition and diarrhea; and increase heat waves and flooding.

        Global Warming also affects animals such as coral reefs. Because the earth is becoming warmer so are the oceans and seas. The oceans becoming warmer are causing coral reef bleaching which is causing many coral reefs to die.  Also, there is becoming a higher level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which changes the chemistry of the seas and oceans. This makes it harder for different species of coral to make up calcium carbonate skeletons.  It is also hurting wildlife communities. Their habitats are being destroyed; trees are being cut down for energy, which destroys their homes. Animals will have no shelter; this causes animals to become extinct.

      Global Warming doesn't give farmers a break either; it causes smaller amounts in rainfall over areas where crops are trying to grow. This may cause a shortage in crops, which means there may be a shortage of food. Sea level is rising, flooding hometowns and houses where people live today. Storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes are increasing in frequency and intensity. These are just a few of things that may happen if we don't take global warming into our own hands. These are very serious affects on our community and our world.  

    Humans do not realize that our luxuries can cause suffering to our earth and other animals and humans.  We think technology is making or lives easier but it is really making our lives more complicated. We can do a lot to stop global warming if people would pay attention to this major problem. Global warming is even affecting our health! I think that we should try to make a difference regarding global warming and our earth. We should make more earth-friendly products and try our best to make it the main product. We only get one earth; we cannot go to another planet and kill that planet too. We only get one chance and one life to live it on planet Earth. We should be more respectful to our animals that live on this earth. It is as much our Earth as it is the animals' Earth. It is as much as our earth as everyone else. We have to work together and make this planet last as long as it can.





 Global Warming is affecting the existence of Polar Bears.




Global Warming is affecing human's everyday lives.
Pollution is one of the major causes of Global Warming 






  This is a Graph reviewing how tempuratures have gone up each year and are still begining to rise.

 This graph shows the atmospheric tempurate of the earth

by Ashley Smith
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